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Highest Quality Hemp Clones


If you are a grower, you are looking for the highest quality hemp clones. At RuBi, we use tissue culture to preserve and rapidly multiply our hemp varieties. We produce clones that exhibit increased vigor and are also guaranteed to be disease free. We can fulfill orders of thousands of plants to meet the needs of any grower. Contact us today.

Extraction Services


Our state of the art extraction facility produces the highest quality CBD oil through the use of CO2 extraction performed by two classically trained scientists. Contact us today if you are interested in selling flower or looking for extraction services. 

Genetic Banking


If you possess a genetic line that you wish to maintain and preserve, look no further. We will pick up your genetic stock and place it into tissue culture in our state of the art laboratory. 100% clean, 100% sterile, 100% protected. By utilizing tissue culture, your hemp variety will be completely preserved without the maintenance and upkeep of a mother plant. Let us do the work for you. 

Why Micropropagation?


Pathogen-free Plants

 Micropropagated plants are grown in a sterile laboratory environment ensuring that you are starting the season with clean clones. Go with trusted hemp genetics that will outperform the competition in the field with clones by RuBi Hemp Solutions. 


The RuBi Hemp Advantage

 After rooting in our tissue culture laboratory, your hemp clones are moved into our greenhouses for hardening off in 72-cell trays.  We use organic nutrients and soil in our greenhouses making sure your clones start on the right foot from day one.


Highest Quality Clones

Once your plants are acclimated to the outside environment, RuBi hemp clones are ready for pickup or delivery straight to your farm or greenhouse. Place an order today for the 2019 growing season.

About Us

Zackary Guignardi, MS


After receiving his B.S. in Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology at University of Florida, Zack completed his M.S. in Botany at Colorado State University. He has worked on developing tissue culture micropropagation protocols for a wide variety of plant species and Cannabis varieties, and is dedicated to providing the best hemp clones on the market today.

Adrian Abchal


Adrian is passionate about all things hemp and is the steam engine that keeps RuBi running. Adrian works to ensure that each and every plant is cared for from the time of propagation to delivery to our farmers. When Adrian isn't nurturing  the plants at RuBi, he is working to create new and innovative ways to propagate hemp to ensure the best products for our farmers. \

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